4 Excellent Career Paths to Consider

For any young person who is almost at the end of their formal education, a career awaits, but prior to that, we have to make a choice on what we will do during our working life, then we can choose a degree course that is suitable. In order to help you make all the right choices, here are a few exciting career paths that you could take.

  1. Digital Marketing – There will always be a high demand for good SEO technicians and with a major in computer science, you have the perfect skillsets to learn all about digital marketing. Once you have your BA in marketing, you can work for a couple of years and then take the MBA course (known as เรียนบริหารอินเตอร์ in Thai) for business management. Learning SEO demands a high level of focus and as the industry is changing like the wind, you do have to keep abreast of new technology as it is revealed.
  2. Machine Learning – If you like to write code and are IT minded, you could be perfect for learning about AI, which is the technology of the future. Big tech companies are already making good use of AI to manage their IT systems. This is a challenging and rewarding career and the future certainly looks rosy for anyone that moves into the field of AI. The soon to be launched Internet of Things will be a platform for every digital device in the planet and programmers and developers are already in very high demand. You would need to be academically talented, as the work is complex, but if you show promise, you would be trained to a high level.
  3. Personal Trainer – Why not ride the current fitness wave and study to obtain the certification to work as a personal trainer? The course can be studied online and a Google search will help you to find a government approved physical education course that gives you the essential certification that you need to work as a personal trainer.
  4. Healthcare – This is one sector that is always in demand; people of all ages often get sick, and whether you would like to get into nursing or even study to be a doctor, a physiologist or a dentist, there are many opportunities in the healthcare sector, which is ideal for those who like to help others, and while the courses might be long, you can choose an e-learning program.

It is worth taking your time when choosing a career path and make sure that your choice is a) something you are interested in, and b) an industry with a secure future.

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