5 Qualities of an Ideal Korean Tutor

Are you looking for a Korean tutor for an online private class? You should know some factors that can make a tutor a good one. Teaching through the Internet allows either the tutor or the student experience a flexible learning process without certain difficulties such as distance and transportation. It also offers rapid access to the limitless resources on the Internet to comprehend the lessons better.

Below are the five qualities of an ideal online tutor for Korean language lessons that you should know.

Having a Passion

First thing first, just like teachers, tutors also have to have a true passion for their job. Specifically, an ideal online tutor has to have a passion for teaching and the subject matter (in this case, the Korean language). The passion for education will enhance positive personalities in an online tutor, such as self-confidence, patience, and professionalism. Meanwhile, the subject matter’s passion allows you to convey all information to the students with confidence.

An Expert on both Verbal and Written Communication

The main key to successful online tutoring is based on these two areas:

  • Written communication means preparing the lesson outlines combined with comprehensive graphics, interactivities, and multimedia to help an online tutor deliver their points successfully to their learners.
  • Verbal communication means conveying relevant information with verbal acts. It will stimulate a student’s enthusiasm for learning.

An ideal online Korean tutor will combine the two qualities to comprehend the subject better. For example, using presentation slides and smooth storytelling techniques, a tutor teaches the Korean alphabet’s complex phrases to their students.

Empathetic Traits

Empathy is also one of the main qualities that a tutor has to have. Every learner is unique in their way of learning. So, a good tutor will adjust their teaching skills and habits to help them comprehend the lessons.

Getting a Lifelong Process of Learning

Both teachers and tutors are also lifelong students, which means they will always have to learn. We live in a constant-change era where everything can evolve daily, including information and technology. Hence, an ideal online tutor is one who is willing to learn and adapt to new things. They should be lively and interactive with their students to deliver the lessons, not only relying on textbooks.

Adequate Awareness of Technology

This quality is what particularly differs online tutors from regular teachers/tutors. An online tutor should be highly aware of the use of technology. From installing applications on the computer to creating digital slides, worksheets, or quizzes for students must be mastered by an online tutor. They may as well use a tablet and a stylus to deliver their points of the lessons digitally.

If you plan to take a private Korean course or be an online Korean tutor, the above information will hopefully help you.

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