Helping Your Child Prepare For Their GCSE Maths Exams With An Online Tutor

When your child reaches their final GCSE exams, it is a significant stage in their academic careers, and you will want to give them any help you can to ensure they get good results. We can do many things as parents to help prepare them for this that can give them the best chances of success. Below are some things you may consider doing for your child to help them with their GCSE maths exams and hopefully start them on the road to academic excellence.

Create A Study Timetable

The first thing you can help them create a study timetable to ensure they prepare for their exams efficiently. Include all the different things they will most likely see on their exam and get practice tests they can try, which you can get online. Your child’s teacher may also help you with this and give you a breakdown of everything they need to know and practice exams that they can do at home. You will want to ensure that your child also has plenty of breaks in their study schedule to help prevent them burning out and suffering from study fatigue.

Consider Additional Tuition

You may also wish to consider extra tuition for your child, and there are many qualified and reputable tutors online. You can use the internet to search for a GCSE maths tutor online, and they can either learn with them online or attend a tuition school of they work better with face-to-face teaching. Getting your child extra tuition can be the difference between getting a C in their GCSE maths and getting an A, so it is worth the investment. Many reputable companies offer tutoring in various subjects online, including maths, so finding a suitable tutor should be straightforward.

Incentivise Your Child

You will also want to incentivise your child and encourage them to study hard to achieve the best results in their exams. When creating their study timetable, you can set goals and offer rewards once your child successfully reaches these. Every child is different, so you will need to select a suitable carrot to incentivise them, such as:

  • Cook Their Favourite Meal
  • Their Choice Of Takeaway
  • New Clothes
  • Take Them To The Cinema
  • A New Bike
  • Tickets To A Concert

Find what works for your child and exploit this to encourage them to work studiously and achieve the best results they can.

Ask Their Teacher For Advice

Your child’s maths teacher will know what areas they need to work on most, and they can also offer you advice on ways to help your child with their studies. It is worth speaking to their teacher about the subject, and they may also be able to recommend a company for additional tutoring. The teacher will want the best results for your child, just as you do, so utilising their professional experience is an excellent way to help your child prepare for their exams. They may also give your copies of previous exams, which can help your child prepare thoroughly for their exams and give them the best chances of achieving top marks.

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