Importance of multiplication tables in real-world

Learning and memorizing multiplication tables are the primary steps in teaching mathematics in elementary schools. Without this, Maths becomes pretty challenging to understand. This is the main and important reason why children are made compulsory to learn and master these in their primary schools. How strong the child with respect to learning and remembering multiplication tables has a direct influence on how they see and make progress in Maths. We know that being useful for primary school kids, these tables have greater use in their upcoming years of life. Let us see the benefits of mastering multiplication tables from one to twenty.

Increase in self-confidence

Students can boost their confidence by memorizing multiplication tables while solving simplification problems in maths as well as in real life situations. This will help the students to ease their assignments of their secondary education. For example finding the prime factors of a given number becomes easy if you are thorough with the tables instead of performing a prime factorisation method or long division method.

Improves mind calculation

Memorising of tables makes it far easier and quicker for children to work out maths calculations in their minds without using paper and pen. It will also help them to develop the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers internally. Some of the math games like fact games that help to create “muscle memory” in the brain. Besides, it is possible to retain their number facts simultaneously for students and lay the groundwork required for more complicated calculations and applications. Getting familiar and proficient with the basic multiplication tables acts as an essential and important building block in maths.


Mastering these tables will help the students to perform better in the competitive exams. They can save time by doing mathematical operations on numbers which involve times tables. In certain situations students are not allowed to use calculators in such types of situations if they are thorough with these tables they can easily complete the calculations quickly without looking for other options. This will sharpen the brains of children and will help them to perform multitasking.

Understand mathematical concepts

Learning multiplication tables can also help students more readily grasp other important concepts of maths, such as rational numbers, division, and percentages. All these concepts exist in the secondary school syllabus. These will help students to deal with real world problems whenever and wherever they are required to perform. Apart from this, there are many other concepts that exist in mathematics which involve a strong command over multiplication tables.

Career options

Mastering tables help the students to improve their ability to think multiplicatively from a young age, This further encourages investigative thinking and inquiry. Multiplication can be introduced with children at very young age, in the simple form. Simple activities, such as sharing and making equal groups of blocks such that they  introduce the child to multiplicative thinking, and helps them to get basic skills that can be improved, expanded and challenged as they grow older.

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