The fundamentals of carpentry

To get to know the fundamentals of carpentry we start from the knowledge of wood and not of the tools to work it. Often when we hear about carpentry we refer to expensive and professional equipment. In reality they are not needed, at least at the beginning …

The thing that fascinates me most about carpentry, and furniture restoration, is that you can start it in your box with two clamps and a chisel. The better you become, the more you are able to decide which tool you really need to improve your carpentry and how much to invest. But before talking about carpentry it is important to talk about wood certificate iii in carpentry.

I always get a lot of questions about it and I decided to answer all of them by putting them together in a free conference call and below you can see the video of the recording.

During the conference call we explored many topics related to wood and in particular:

  • what is wood
  • how logs are cut
  • the planks and the squaring
  • wood defects
  • sapwood and heartwood
  • the grain and the end wood
  • the gluing
  • tenon and mortise
  • practical examples

and so on…


Our certificates attest to the participation in the course and the related contents of acquired knowledge.

The contents provided with the courses comply with internationally recognized quality standards in around 150 countries.

The trademarks and logos of the organizations that have certified us will be shown in the certificates of attendance that we will issue.

Some of the courses we offer are also useful for participation in competitions and for the acquisition of scores for competitions and rankings announced by public administrations, as we enjoy certification from International Certification Institutes for online training  ,  valid for both public competitions and for selections announced by private individuals.

What are the different carpenter jobs?

Different terms for carpenter jobs are used in different parts of the English-speaking world, and carpenter employment can be called in different means. One pattern, for example, refers to carpenters for the overall place where they work. Therefore, a carpenter works on all types of residential patterns, finalizing a broad range of jobs, from structure to phrasing to the establishment of doors and windows, including completing, stair building and roofing. A retail carpenter, on the different worker, builds marketable and municipal facilities, working on buildings of several sizes and accomplishing the same kinds of tasks as a carpenter, but in a different environment and the same way for an industrial carpenter. A ship’s carpenter structures and restorations barges.

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