Why is it Important to Learn Chinese?

For most of the population whose native language is English, learning a language is not only daunting and time consuming, but simply not worth it because everyone knows how to speak English. However, there are still many good reasons to why we should learn Chinese, read on.

  1. Chinese is the most spoken and fastest growing language in the world.

We are all acquainted by the fact that Chinese folks are dispersed all over the world. Although, everyone speaks English, but it would create an impression on the Chinese folks that you know how to speak Chinese. Chinese is now also a part of the curriculum of many schools, and for more practice at home, there are many apps and tools to learn Chinese for kids version. Chinese is truly a popular language.

  1. For travelling purposes

Many people have had unfortunate experiences when they have travelled to China when it came to order food. As they spoke very little Chinese, they were always looking for people who could read or speak Chinese, so as to read the text from the menu otherwise, they would end up pointing at the pictures and ordering stuff. And they have also noticed that in the city like Shenzhen, many people aren’t able to speak English, hence it has become a necessity to learn the basics of Chinese language if you are thinking of traveling to China.

  1. To understand Chinese culture and history

To fully understand the Chinese culture and history, you should learn Chinese. However, when it comes to learning via English, some words simply make no sense which leaves you more confused and unsatisfied. Once you have grasped the basics of Chinese language, you will learn to make connections and learn more about Chinese society and mentality. You will also understand the point of view of their culture.

  1. Chinese is now a famous business language and for tourism as well.

There are as many businesses like Chinese factories making their products like the sector has expanded at a large scale to such an extent that it has a global reach. Now as there is expansion of such market, the language has consequently become popular too. This is why you need to learn business Chinese to make the most of it. Also, if you are a tourist or work in the tourism industry, it is worth learning basic Chinese to accommodate the big spenders.

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