Why the American Curriculum is An Excellent Choice

There are so many different schools all around the world, and they all offer what they believe to be the “latest and greatest” in terms of curriculum. There’s the Australian curriculum, IB, Singapore, Chinese, and the list goes on. However, one curriculum is a standard and solid way to ensure your child receives a good quality education, and this is the American curriculum.

Using the Common Core State Standards

The American curriculum follows the Common Core State Standards and is broken down state-by-state. These standards are just that—a standard that is set for a student at a certain grade-level. The teacher will teach a mini-lesson on the standard, the students will practice this standard, and they are assessed to see if they are currently meeting, developing, or exceeding the certain standard.

Using standards is a good way to track the progress of individual students. Not all students progress at the same level, and this is a more specific way for teachers to track what their students are able to do, and what they still need to work on. Niva American International School,, uses this curriculum to help meet the needs of every child.

While standards can range by state, generally there are some standards that are enforced nation-wide, regardless of the state. This means that regardless of what state they may choose to go to later in life, they will be able to enter classrooms relatively easily and with little stress about content. For parents that may plan on sending their child to America for university, this is a great way to ensure they will be ready to enter university life in America.

Focusing on the Standard, Not the Grade

Some schools have recently switched to standards-based grading, which doesn’t necessarily give out grades. Rather, it assesses the student against a certain standard. For students that feel pressured by the letter grade, many have reported this is a less stressful way to learn the same content, which helps build confidence among peers.

The American curriculum strives to create a well-rounded child that can think critically and interact successfully with the people around them. Using standards to grade can help boost students’ confidence and help them find a passion for learning. When teachers and students work together in the classroom to succeed, there can be achievement found at every level in the classroom.

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