Understanding The Commercialization Of Math Enrichment For Primary School

The world that a person knows is a very competitive one. Right from the start, people are put into the rat race that is known as life, and for the next 18 years, a person is trained so that he or she could face fewer problems in life. Education that a person receives has been tainted by this, and this only happened because of greed. Many subjects are being commercialized so that more and more students will study them for their competitive exams and after then forget about it. The essence of education has been lost along with the development and advancement that the human race saw in recent years.

Mathematics and its commercialization:

The subject that I saw the most effective is none other than mathematics. The beautiful subject of maths is being taught as a weapon so that students could have more marks in their exams. This exam-driven math education has to drop down the quality of mathematicians that a person sees now .math enrichment for primary school is now a thing. The age in which a person realizes their passion and dreams is being taught competitive maths for their “bright future”.


The math enrichment for primary school should be scaled down and children should be given enough time to feel in love with the subject of mathematics.

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