7 Characteristics of a First-Class International School

Picking the right school for your children is important for their development and learning. If you choose the wrong place, it could have a negative impact on their life. It is always challenging to find a school that meets all your preferences, but it isn’t impossible. There are plenty of good international schools in Thailand that run outstanding programmes. These 7 traits will help you identify the right learning environment.

  • Reception & Office Staff

The first people that greet you when you arrive at a school is the receptionist or office staff. Forming good first impressions is vitally important, the top international schools in Bangkok know this, that’s why they have attentive, friendly, professional members of staff on duty at all times. Their actions set the tone for the rest of the school, if they give off a poor first impression, it is likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth as you tour the facility.

  • Student-centred Principal

Before enrolling your child in an international school, you’ll probably want to meet the principal. You must have patience when arranging a meeting as most principals are busy and can’t drop everything at a moment’s notice to meet a parent who wishes to have a chat. When you do get a chance to talk to them, make sure they are open, innovative and have a genuine love of education.

  • Mixture of Teachers

Every school should have a mixture of teachers from different cultures, they should also employ teachers of all ages. Veteran teachers can teach younger instructors a lot about the school. They can help them integrate and show them how the school operates. While young teachers bring energy and innovation, older teachers bring experience and understanding.

  • Commitment

Teachers should have a real commitment to make the lives of their students better. They must be committed to their work and go that extra mile to ensure they are providing the best quality service to their students.

  • Foster Dialogue

A good quality school nurtures its relationship with each student’s parent. They keep them informed of any chances and do their best to keep them involved in programmes. A first-class institution knows that parents are an integral part of a child’s education, that is why they do their utmost to keep them involved in what is going on at the school.

  • Technology

An ideal school should be making use of new technology and encouraging students into STEM subjects. New tech must be used to encourage academic growth.

  • Social & Sports Training

Physical exercise is vitally important as kids are at a much higher risk of becoming obese that ever before. They should have sports fields and an area for social interaction.

There are many things that make a school a good learning environment, you just have to know what you are looking for when choosing one for your kids. In a good school, positive characteristics, like the ones mentioned in this article should pop out at you the minute you do some research and visit the school in person.

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